Think of the A/C as (2) coils: a cold coil and a hot coil.

Cold side:
the evaporator and a fan blow air over the coils

Hot side:
the compressor, another fan, and the condenser vent the hot air from the compressed refrigerant out of the room

There is an expansion valve between the coils. This regulates compressed liquid (refrigerant) moving into the evaporator.

Note: the refrigeration cycle removes heat from the air inside - it does not ADD cooling to the space (a common misconception). The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat.

The two coils collect dirt and grim. If a coil gets dirty, airflow is reduced and insulate the coil (which will reduce the ability to absorb heat). Both coils need annual cleaning (we can help!). Also, the area around the coils needs to be free from debris.



Monitors and also regulates the temperature


This component receives the liquid refrigerant


Helps with heat transfer

Expansion Valve

This regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator


A pump that pressurizes refrigerant