Air Purification

Advancements in air purification have come far, and can make your air safer and easier to breathe. Let the fresh air experts at Reliable Heating & Cooling help you get the clean air your home or business deserves. We understand the importance of breathing clean and fresh air, free from pollutants and allergens. Our expert team specializes in providing and installing advanced air purifiers that effectively remove harmful particles, allergens, and odors from your indoor environment.

Passive systems.

Believe it or not, you most likely already have a form of air purification if you are using an air filter in your HVAC system. An air filter works every time your forced air fan runs. Passive Systems include filters, (standard or advanced) UV lights, or even electrostatic air cleaners. They all have one thing in common; they rely on contaminants such as dust and debris to be brought to them.

Typical disposable filters should be checked/changed about every 30 days. Every home is a little different with the amount of foot traffic, number of people and pets indoors, etc. The amount of debris in a dirty air filter is a visible representation of what it has done for us and our home or business! Don’t be fooled! The expensive filters are NOT the best option in Colorado! These expensive filters will sacrifice proper airflow to your system, suffocating your system. Most of us tend to not give our air filters the credit or attention they deserve. The majority of filters sit forgotten, in place until a problem arises.

Active systems.

Active air purification, or electronic air purification, is designed to proactively improve indoor air quality throughout the entire home. Unlike passive air purification systems, active air purification can reduce airborne contaminants beyond what passes through the system itself.

For more information about Active Systems, click here.

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Air Purifiers FAQS

Why do I need an air purifier?

An air purifier will improve the overall indoor air quality within your home by reducing bacteria, dust, and allergens. Quite a few breathing problems (asthma for example) are a direct result of breathing in dust and dirt! These particles are extremely small and go unnoticed by the naked eye, but our lungs notice them. Eliminating these particles help us breathe easier. Reducing odors from pets or smoke is an added benefit!

Are there side effects to air purifiers?

Quality air purifiers improve health and pose no potential threats to your loved ones.

How often should I run my air purifier?

For optimum results, all air purifiers should be run continuously. When the air purifier is turned off, indoor air pollution returns to its pretreatment state. We make sure to have constant power to an air purifier when we install these devices. 

What Our Customers Have To Say

We have been using Reliable H&C for nearly five years since we moved into the area.
All of their techs are knowledgeable, personable, on time, and thorough. Becky is the company’s administrator and is the point of contact for making appointments and other communications. Always friendly and accommodating.

They did everything they could to keep the house and workspace clean as they worked over a two-day period in our wet-clay crawlspace. They communicated everything they were doing, allowed me to observe their work, answered all my questions, and kept us informed of their progress. We are very satisfied with the company’s service and highly recommend them for any HVAC repair or installation. The company can offer its own financing—and be sure to discuss payment options for the best deal possible!
We had a great experience with Ben
We called Ben on a Saturday evening around 8 pm when our AC stopped working. To our surprise he was able to show up the next day to assist in diagnosing and repairing our AC. Ben was extremely knowledgeable and took ample time to explain the entire process to me. His professionalism and expertise were truly outstanding. I plan to use Reliable Heating and Air for any and all HVAC issues that we may experience in the future.
I HIGHLY recommend Nick & the rest of the Reliable team! Bonus points for being a veteran-owned & operated business, too! Thank you!
From the moment I scheduled the estimate, I was treated with respect & consideration. Nick was extremely professional & provided a wealth of information in response to my questions. He was also quick to follow up with me & provide the estimate for the work that we wanted to be done, the cost of which, we found, was quite reasonable.

Nick & the rest of his team took care of everything that needed to be done in terms of permits, etc. They arrived not only on time but a bit early, which was very impressive. I had a house full of company when they arrived, and were very patient & respectful with them. They also took great care to not only respect my property but to also keep it clean & tidy. At the end of the day, the work that was performed was top-notch & stress-free, and we couldn’t have asked for better! (And this past winter, when we had an issue with our furnace, Reliable was our ONLY call to come out & take care of it, and Ben did so with exactly the same level of professionalism & courtesy.)

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