Boiler Repair Services

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Boiler Repair Services

Whether your boiler is experiencing heating problems, unusual noises, or other performance issues, our skilled technicians will accurately assess the problem and provide effective solutions. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, working diligently to restore your boiler to optimal functionality. Count on Reliable Heating & Cooling for dependable boiler repair services that will ensure your home or business stays warm and cozy when you need it most.

From the piping layout to all of the components, boilers can feel daunting. Rest assured there isn’t much that our seasoned technicians have not seen. From the gambit of manufacturers on the market to a haphazard layout, we have been there and done that. We have worked with nearly every manufacturer, and even seen the occasional 1900s coal boiler, converted to gas, still functioning in the older parts of town. We ensure our repairs, and your system are safe for you and your family. Due to the nature of boiler failures, we always take the time to ensure that all components are fully operational.

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Get prompt and reliable boiler repair services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

Boiler Repair FAQS

When should I replace my boiler?

There are two ways to look at this question. First is strictly by age. The second would be weighing a current repair cost along with projected repair costs in the future against replacement costs. Our technicians are great at providing you with all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

How do I limit boiler failures and repairs?

All manufacturers and contractors recommend an annual service to be performed on boiler equipment. This will ensure the best life expectancy of the equipment along with ensuring the system is running efficiently. An added benefit is being able to spot troubling items and prevent costly repairs.

Are newer boilers more efficient?

As a whole, newer equipment is more efficient than older equipment. Boiler technology is getting better and better. You could trade out your energy hog for a unit as efficient as possible. Another benefit of newer equipment is there are more options that take up less space such as a wall mounted unit that frees up your mechanical closet.

What Our Customers Have To Say

I will definitely call this company again if I should ever have more issues!!!
We had a Tech, come to our house to check our furnace and make sure it was working properly…He was fantastic! He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew what things to check on the specific model in our house and what quirks it had. He answered every question I had with patience and clear understanding on my end. He made sure we were satisfied and content with the work he had done. He never once seemed to be anxious to leave and just doing a half-hearted job, even though I knew he had still 5 other calls to get to after leaving our house at 530ish in the evening. He was just great and the communication from Afton was magnificent as well. Both made sure we were taken care of and satisfied.
If you need someone to service your furnace, air conditioner, or water heater and you need a company that is honest and fair, call Reliable Heating and Cooling.
This was our first winter in Colorado and guess what? Three weeks after the first snow our furnace started making very ugly noises. It would not heat. We called our home warranty company and they sent out Nick & Ben from Reliable Heating and Cooling.

What an amazing experience! They found that our furnace was worn out and needed to be replaced.

The furnace was installed by Ben & Mike. We have heat … yahoo! All the people we talked with, Nick, Ben, Afton, and Mike were professional and courteous. They were on-time and very informative. They treated us more like neighbors than customers.
I won’t call anyone else or recommend anyone else moving forward with my new home.
Awesome experience. Our furnace stopped working at our new house and the inside temp was 48 degrees. Nick wasn’t sure if he could make it to my house that day because he had a lot of similar calls, but he called me back at 6:30 pm that evening to say he could be at my house by 7 pm. He was able to get the furnace back on and heat the house. He came back to replace the part that was defective the next week and we have no more issues. He also noticed an issue with my hot water heater while working on the furnace and fixed that at the same time. Thank you, Nick!

Keep your home comfortable with our trustworthy boiler repair!

Our main goal is to keep our clients happy and healthy with quick and effective Boiler Repair Services for a warm and cozy home.

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