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It would be great if we could choose when things break, but since we can’t… We are here for emergency services 24 hours a day. At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we understand that a malfunctioning furnace can be a major inconvenience, especially during the colder months. That’s why our dedicated team of experts is here to provide prompt and reliable furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas for all residential and commercial properties. With our extensive knowledge and experience in handling various furnace models and brands, we are well-equipped to tackle any repair issue efficiently and effectively.

Whether your furnace is experiencing heating problems, strange noises, or any other performance issues, our skilled technicians will diagnose the problem accurately and offer the most suitable solutions. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, striving to restore your furnace to its optimal functioning state in no time. Count on Reliable Heating & Cooling for dependable furnace repair services in Colorado Springs that will keep you warm and cozy when you need it most.

  • We offer 24-hour emergency repair services to make sure you stay warm all winter.
  • Our goal is to get your heat working as soon as possible.
  • We stock our vehicles with a magnitude of repair parts to prevent you from having to wait days for a part that can likely be repaired that same day.
  • Since our technicians aren’t paid on commission, you can guarantee we aren’t selling you unneeded, costly repairs.

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Looking for heating repairs near me? Regardless of the time of day, we’re here to help!

Furnace Repair FAQS

How warm should I keep my home?

Honestly, keep your heat where you are most comfortable. If you have a setback thermostat, try not to set it back more than 5 degrees; the energy it takes to recover may cost you more than the setback saved. Utilities charge more during peak hours of use, typically when we are all coming home from work!

How long does a furnace last?

All manufacturers offer a minimum 10-year parts warranty and a 20-year heat exchanger warranty. (IF IT IS REGISTERED AT THE TIME IT WAS INSTALLED) At about age 15, the furnace has met its life expectancy. Why the 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger, you ask? Because when the heat exchanger breaches, it becomes a life risk!

What does furnace efficiency mean?

Standard efficiency: The standard efficiency of today’s equipment is 80%. This means you will waste 20% of your fuel consumption.

High efficiency: On average, high efficiency is 96%. That’s only 4% of the waste from fuel consumption. Typical high-efficiency furnaces will have a longer manufacturer’s warranty. High efficiency also qualifies for federal tax credits and local utility rebates!

What Our Customers Have To Say

promptness, professionalism, and above-and-beyond service have earned my business for all heating and cooling needs.
I had a Google Nest installed with a different company, and it was done incorrectly by a very unprofessional electrician. After calling three other companies that could not get me in for at least a week, Reliable Heating and Cooling responded to my call immediately. My furnace was not connecting to the thermostat, and in these colder months, heat is rather important. These guys had the installation corrected and did a general service check on my furnace the very day I called. Fantastic service and great to work with! Highly recommend. 🙂
We wouldn’t use anyone but Reliable! Thank you!
Heat died during the recent snowstorm. Reliable sent a technician out within a couple of hours of calling. Ben (the tech) made repairs. Later that evening, the heat stopped again. Ben returned from home and stayed for several hours at 12 a.m. to make sure the repair was completed.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I have had trouble with my furnace since I moved into this house in 2005. I have to get a ladder and climb into the attic about once a month on average to clean this little metal piece, and then the heat will come on for a while. I’ve had several companies come out, and all they do is replace my ignitor switch, and I’m back in the attic a few weeks later. Mike from Reliable Heating came out and figured out what was causing my ignitor switches to wear out and replaced the part that was causing the problem, and I can’t thank him enough! He worked in the freezing cold attic for hours and stayed an hour and a half after quitting time to make sure I had heat, with a smile on his face the whole time! Thank you so very much, Mike! You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you did. I will always call you when I need help in the future!

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You can rest assured we are always available for you and your heating repair needs in Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas.